What you should really expect from Google's custom Pixel 6 processor

Robert Triggs April 6, 2021

It's 2021 and USB-C is still a mess

Robert Triggs April 5, 2021

Please, please stop making video calls while driving

Eric Zeman April 4, 2021

It's getting really hard not to support Samsung

Hadlee Simons April 4, 2021

What you should really expect from Google’s custom Pixel 6 processor

Google looks set to debut its in-house Whitechapel SoC in the Pixel 6. But what should you and shouldn't you expect?
Robert TriggsApril 6, 2021

It’s 2021 and USB-C is still a mess

USB-C is billed as the one-stop solution for all our future cable needs, but feature compatibility is a major problem.
Robert TriggsApril 5, 2021

Please, please stop making video calls while driving

Too many drivers admit to making video calls, playing games, and streaming video when behind the wheel. It's time to stop.
Eric ZemanApril 4, 2021

It’s getting really hard not to support Samsung

Samsung is the undisputed leader in the smartphone industry, but it's getting hard not to root for its further success.
Hadlee SimonsApril 4, 2021

If I never see a phone with a mirror back again it will be too soon

It's just not aesthetically pleasing to see your fingerprint smudges all over the back of a phone.
C. Scott BrownApril 3, 2021

10 things the LG V60 does well, and 5 things it doesn’t

The V60 is LG's latest and perhaps best ever phone. Here are some things it does well and some things that need improving.
Joe HindyApril 1, 2021

Have smartphone camera bumps gotten out of control?

Smartphone camera modules have taken a turn in the last year, swelling from merely large to grotesque. Are they too big?
Eric ZemanMarch 30, 2021

You don’t need 108MP: Here’s why a 12MP camera phone is more than enough.

Are 48MP and above cameras really necessary? Here's why I think a 12MP camera is more than enough.
Ryan-Thomas ShawMarch 29, 2021

The Oppo Find X series lacks a much needed identity

Oppo's Find X series contains three great — but different — handsets. The brand lacks some much-needed consistency.
Robert TriggsMarch 11, 2021

Why hasn’t anyone copied the mute switch on Apple and OnePlus phones?

There may be good reasons, but phone makers should do it regardless.
Jon FingasMarch 7, 2021
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