Get a OnePlus 8 from Verizon for $10/mo

The state of Google’s hardware program in 2020

Robert Triggs October 25, 2020 370 shares

It’s time Google updated Pixel camera hardware to match its stellar software

Robert Triggs October 24, 2020 440 shares

The OnePlus 8T has a Nord problem

Dhruv Bhutani 2 hours ago 27 shares

Why is everyone still giving Instagram a free pass?

Suzana Dalul October 25, 2020 238 shares
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The OnePlus 8T has a Nord problem

Is the OnePlus 8T really worth the extra cash?
Dhruv Bhutani2 hours ago27 shares

OnePlus Nord updates to Oxygen OS 10.5.9 with October security patch

Update: More system stability fixes join a host of tweaks to Game Space in this update.
Adamya Sharma3 hours ago1193 shares


LG launches Wing, Velvet 4G in India: Did LG get pricing right?

The Velvet 4G ships with 2018's Snapdragon 845 chip, but performance is still competitive with today's mid-range silicon.
Hadlee Simons4 hours ago54 shares

The Galaxy S7 series is over 4 years old, but it just got an update

It's not an Android version update, but we're still glad to see Samsung take care of the Galaxy S7 series.
Hadlee Simons5 hours ago523 shares

We asked, you told us: Samsung and OnePlus should launch ‘Mini’ flagships

Readers would be more comfortable with a Galaxy S30 Mini than a OnePlus 9 Mini, though.
Andy Walker7 hours ago138 shares

LG Wing buyer’s guide: Everything you need to know about the swiveling phone

Update: AT&T has joined Verizon in revealing LG Wing pricing and availability details in the US.
Hadlee Simons7 hours ago883 shares

Latest Oxygen OS 11 beta update rolls out to OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro

Update: The third Open Beta build brings with it system fixes, Canvas AOD, and the October security patch.
Hadlee Simons8 hours ago636 shares

Amazon turns your Fire tablet into a smart home control hub

You don't have to talk to Alexa or launch an app.
Jon Fingas17 hours ago74 shares

Mophie’s latest wireless battery pack slides on to your phone

You don't need a bulky, always-on case to add battery life.
Jon Fingas19 hours ago87 shares

MagSafe takes us closer to portless phones, but is this the future we want?

Let's look at the arguments for and against MagSafe-equipped portless phones.
Dhruv Bhutani20 hours ago88 shares
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