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C. Scott Brown is a freelance writer and regular contributor to Android Authority. He likens technology to a catalyst that advances the human race. He also really likes tea.

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OnePlus is slashing the number of Oxygen OS betas it releases each month

The schedule shift will apply both to open and closed betas. Thankfully, the stable channel is unaffected.
C. Scott Brown45 minutes ago21 shares

Galaxy Note 10 update with June patch rolling out globally (Update: June 5)

The update is currently rolling out in a number of European countries, with wider availability to follow.
C. Scott Brown2 hours ago1047 shares

Transfers of Google Play Music library to YouTube Music are starting now

Some users are already seeing the tool live, while others will need to wait a bit longer.
C. Scott Brown2 hours ago70 shares

NexDock Touch is a laptop that uses your phone for guts, costs just $250

The NexDock Touch replaces the NexDock 2, a laptop shell we liked quite a bit in our review.
C. Scott Brown3 hours ago69 shares

No, the police aren’t disabling smartphone cameras during protests

While we understand this is a tough time for people, we need to make sure we stay realistic.
C. Scott Brown8 hours ago71 shares

Poll: What privacy measures do you take with your phone?

Our smartphone privacy is becoming a very hot topic, but how seriously are you taking it?
C. Scott BrownJune 4, 202063 shares

Renders of Google Android TV streaming device and remote here (Update: Video)

Update: We now can view some video clips of the original source material leaking the Android TV streamer.
C. Scott BrownJune 3, 2020159 shares

Judge approves lawsuit accusing Apple of lying about poor iPhone shipments

The class-action suit alleges that Tim Cook knew iPhone sales were dropping, but hid it from investors.
C. Scott BrownJune 3, 2020215 shares

Designer envisions a detachable camera module for phones, and it’s pretty cool

This takes the concept of smartphones just being cameras with phones attached to a whole new level.
C. Scott BrownJune 3, 2020921 shares

Unlocked OnePlus 7T now unavailable in US, better find one quick if you want it

The T-Mobile version of the phone is still available, but the unlocked variant is no longer found at OnePlus.com.
C. Scott BrownJune 3, 2020106 shares
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