Kris Carlon

Kris Carlon is Android Authority's Executive Editor, a half-British Australian living in Berlin traveling tirelessly between the US and China.

Kris's Posts

Staff Picks: 12 things Kris uses every day

From home office essentials and everyday carry, these are the tech products I can't live without.
Kris CarlonJune 3, 2020118 shares

Roborock S6 MaxV review: The robot vacuum for pet owners

The Roborock S6 MaxV adds dual cameras and a Qualcomm chipset to its tried-and-tested mop and vacuum capabilities.
Kris CarlonMay 25, 2020133 shares

Redmi Note 8 Pro review: Four cameras where one would do

The Redmi Note 8 Pro attracts attention for its quad-camera setup, but the camera is the least impressive thing about it.
Kris CarlonMay 25, 2020261 shares

Google Pixel 4 XL review: Untapped potential

The most hotly anticipated Android phone of the year is here, and it surprises and disappoints in equal measure.
Kris CarlonMay 20, 2020944 shares

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 review: Why you should want it — and why you shouldn’t

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is not like the Note you know, but it's still a pretty great option for a new Note audience.
Kris CarlonMay 20, 2020196 shares

What is All Pixel autofocus? Oppo Find X2’s camera tech, explained

The Sony sensor in the Oppo Find X2 will offer All Pixel Omni-Directional Phase Detect Autofocus. But what does it all mean?
Kris CarlonMay 5, 2020322 shares

Huawei Mate XS review: Know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em

Our Huawei Mate Xs review explores just how durable this form factor really is and what the foldable experience is like.
Kris CarlonMay 2, 2020493 shares

Survey says: Uh oh, most fans prefer the OnePlus 7T to the OnePlus 8 series

Given a choice between killer flagship or flagship killer, it looks like most fans prefer the OnePlus of old.
Kris CarlonApril 24, 20201948 shares

Using lockdown to eat healthier: Cosori Smart Air Fryer review

This smart kitchen appliance prepares food with 85% less fat and can be controlled directly from your smartphone.
Kris CarlonApril 24, 202063 shares

Umm, is the $499 OnePlus 7T a better choice than the OnePlus 8 series?

At $499, the six-month-old OnePlus 7T is a tantalizing alternative to the $699 OnePlus 8 and the $899 OnePlus 8 Pro.
Kris CarlonApril 21, 20201009 shares
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