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Lily Katz

To hear better, Lily removes her glasses. She is audio editor for Android Authority and editor for our personal audio site: SoundGuys.

Lily's Posts

Razer Kraken X review: Function and form

This is an affordable, no-frills headset to step up your gaming game.
Lily KatzApril 6, 202057 shares

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus review: The best buds in the galaxy

The Galaxy Buds Plus let you directly access Spotify to discover new music.
Lily KatzApril 6, 2020626 shares

Apple AirPods Pro review: Third time really is the charm

These AirPods are worth a listen.
Lily KatzApril 5, 2020412 shares

How to turn your noise-cancelling headphones into a productivity tool

Step up your productivity and get the most out of your ANC headphones.
Lily KatzApril 3, 202086 shares

Sony’s new true wireless ‘buds turn up the bass and turn down the price

Sony introduces earbuds for athletic bass-heads.
Lily KatzApril 1, 202015 shares

AKG N700NC review: Stylish and functional

These are among the best noise-cancelling headphones for the price.
Lily KatzApril 1, 2020147 shares

Working from home? 5 noise-cancelling headphones we recommend picking up

These great noise-cancelling headphones make it easier than ever to work from home while blocking out distractions.
Lily KatzApril 1, 2020581 shares

3 reasons to buy wired headphones in 2020

Wired headphones keep mobile audio simple, reliable, and affordable.
Lily KatzMarch 31, 2020235 shares

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus have some competition… from Samsung

AKG's new noise-cancelling earphones look promising, even more so than the Galaxy Buds Plus.
Lily KatzMarch 30, 2020468 shares

The best true wireless workout earbuds you can buy (March 2020)

Don’t just go wireless on your next workout, go truly wireless.
Lily KatzMarch 26, 202071 shares
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