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Oliver Cragg

Oliver is a Senior Editor for Android Authority. His interests include mobile tech, gaming, smart home gadgets, VR/AR, cinema, and much more.

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Android 10 on OnePlus 7 Pro: Hands-on with all the new OxygenOS features

Check out all the new features in OxygenOS' Android 10-flavored upgrade from the first open beta.
Oliver CraggSeptember 14, 2019777 shares

Google Pixel 4 advert leaks showing hands-free gestures, Night Sight upgrades

Ready for a phone "made the Google way?"
Oliver CraggSeptember 9, 2019320 shares

How to transfer files from Android to Mac: The official way and the smarter way!

Android File Transfer giving you headaches? Here's how to use it and some alternative options that are much better!
Oliver CraggSeptember 7, 2019147 shares

Asus takes on Apple with “worldʹs most graphically powerful laptop”

Want a superpowered laptop for video and photo editing that isn't a MacBook? Asus has you covered.
Oliver CraggSeptember 4, 2019344 shares

Pokémon Masters evolution guide: How to evolve your Pokémon and more tips!

Which Sync Pairs can be evolved in DeNA's new Pokémon game for mobile? Find out here!
Oliver CraggSeptember 3, 201997 shares

Pokémon Masters tier list and best free Sync Pairs!

Which are the best Sync Pairs in Pokémon Masters? Find out here!
Oliver CraggSeptember 2, 201971 shares

Confirmed: Mario Kart Tour is launching in just under a month

Nintendo says its first Mario Kart game on smartphones will launch on September 25, and you can now pre-register.
Oliver CraggAugust 27, 2019147 shares

iPhone 11 Pro leaked: Here’s how Android’s competition is shaping up in 2019

Here's what's in store for Apple's 2019 launch event, including three new iPhones, iPad Pro and AirPods revisions, and more.
Oliver CraggAugust 23, 2019651 shares

New LG phablets coming to IFA with huge displays and “combat ready” durability

LG's K series phones get super-sized.
Oliver CraggAugust 22, 2019234 shares

Report: Motorola thinks you’ll buy a “mid-range” Razr foldable phone for $1,500

Motorola's Razr reboot could launch in the US in the next few months, according to a new report.
Oliver CraggAugust 20, 2019760 shares
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