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Tristan Rayner

Tristan Rayner is a Senior EditorĀ  compiling hit tech newsletter DGiT Daily, while working with Android Authority's European team.

Tristan's Posts

Stadia Pro for everyone means free games right now, plus more tech news

Everyone should try Stadia Pro because it's free! Also, why lockdown is making the internet stronger, and more tech news.
Tristan Rayner21 hours ago126 shares

How the price of OnePlus phones changed over the years

From flagship killer to killer flagships, we take a look at the price of OnePlus phones over the years.
Tristan RaynerApril 8, 20201712 shares

Playstation 5’s DualSense controller unveiled, and more tech news today

The PlayStation 5 controller: DualShock to DualSense, and at least two dual surprises, plus more tech news for your day.
Tristan RaynerApril 8, 2020162 shares

Samsung’s $999 Chromebook problem, and more tech news you need to know today

A $999 4K Chromebook? At this time of year, at this time of day, and without decent battery life? Hmm, Samsung, hmm.
Tristan RaynerApril 7, 202071 shares

Quick takes on Quibi, and more tech news you need to know today

Quibi's quick bites aren't going to be for everyone, and that's being generous. But there's something there, maybe?
Tristan RaynerApril 6, 202049 shares

RIP pop-up selfie cameras. We hardly knew ye.

OnePlus is ditching the pop-up camera, signaling the demise of an innovative but short-lived feature.
Tristan RaynerApril 4, 20201674 shares

Apple leaks its own iPhone, and more tech news you need to know today

Oops: iPhone SE accessories appeared briefly on apple.com, Amazon's Project Tempo/Stadia copy, smartphone sales, and more.
Tristan RaynerApril 3, 2020636 shares

Apple cuts the Apple tax for Amazon, 10th-gen Intel CPUs, and more tech news

The 30% Apple Tax changed for Amazon. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a confusing move.
Tristan RaynerApril 2, 202062 shares

Zoom’s now in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, and more

The infosec world has turned on Zoom, and what is being found is not good. Plus Apple/Dark Sky, uncut pizza, and much more.
Tristan RaynerApril 1, 202017 shares

AMD’s beastily new mobile CPUs stun tech, and more

AMD vs Intel: Round 24, but this time AMD might have a knockout blow. And Microsoft Office is good now. Sorry. It is.
Tristan RaynerMarch 31, 2020973 shares
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