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OnePlus needs to hit a home run with the OnePlus 9

Robert Triggs 17 hours ago

The PS5 is good, but the DualSense controller is what's really blowing my mind

C. Scott Brown November 21, 2020 329 shares

The Oppo-ification of OnePlus is getting worse

Igor Bonifacic November 21, 2020 1340 shares

Dear phone companies: I want a flagship I can use without a case

C. Scott Brown November 15, 2020 1692 shares

It’s time: Google should require two years of updates for every Android phone

You shouldn't be stuck with an outdated OS just because you couldn't buy a flagship.
Jon FingasNovember 12, 20201250 shares

The OnePlus 8T has a Nord problem

Is the OnePlus 8T really worth the extra cash?
Dhruv BhutaniOctober 28, 2020200 shares

Why is everyone still giving Instagram a free pass?

Instagram is a Facebook-owned product and as such its privacy practices need to be put under the microscope.
Suzana DalulOctober 25, 2020251 shares

It’s time Google updated Pixel camera hardware to match its stellar software

The Google Pixel 5 takes some great photos, but the camera is starting to show its age. The next Pixel needs new hardware.
Robert TriggsOctober 24, 2020452 shares

The charger-less iPhone 12 isn’t as eco-friendly as Apple wants you to think

Yes, removing the iPhone 12 charger cuts down on e-waste. But that's not in itself an eco-friendly move.
C. Scott BrownOctober 24, 20202202 shares

iPhone 12 Mini is proof there should have been a Samsung Galaxy S20e

Samsung was probably kicking itself during the Apple hardware launch this week.
C. Scott BrownOctober 17, 2020597 shares

Android 11 improves on privacy: Here is how it can get even better

Android 11 is making strides with its latest privacy changes, but are they enough? Here is what we think is still missing.
Suzana DalulOctober 12, 2020

The Chromecast with Google TV has a glaring problem that defies its very purpose

But it's not alone in its oversight.
Adamya SharmaOctober 10, 2020

It’s time Google took streaming seriously with its new Chromecast

Google looks set to combine Android TV and Chromecast into one device, but new hardware alone won't enough.
Robert TriggsSeptember 20, 2020291 shares

This long-time Xbox owner is still looking at the PS5

The Xbox Series S looks well-priced compared to the digital PS5, but history tells us that Microsoft tends to drop the ball.
Hadlee SimonsSeptember 19, 2020
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